We at Seo9.in are committed to providing the best possible services to our customers. Apart from quality of the work, we value time, so we also ensure that you get your orders in a certain period of time. Seo9.in is happy to help you regarding your feedback and concerns about services purchased from us. Therefore we have “refund policy”. In case if you are not happy with our services or have any concerns then please write to us at admin@Seo9.in. Our expert support team will be happy to resolve your concerns in 1 working day. If you are still not satisfied with our support then you may apply for refund/cancellation. In the following cases you may apply for refund/ Cancellations:

  1. Products or services bought more than once for the same URL by mistake.
  2. If you change your mind to cancel your order before the service starts.
  3. Seo9 is unable to complete the order of the client within the campaign period specified on the corresponding quantity as indicated on the website.
  4. Seo9 have not started the campaign within the promised 24-48-hour period of placing the order.
  5. You requested a refund 2-5 hours after placing the order.

SEO9 stays true to its promise of 100% Money Back Guarantee. However, we can only extend the refund policy within 30 days from purchase. Thus, we will no longer entertain requests for refunds after the 30 days period from the purchase date. Re-deliveries are entertained only within the 60 days period. Please understand that no business offers lifetime money back guarantee.

In the following cases we have rights to reject the refund requests/Cancellations:

  • If we miss the submission deadline due to clients delay/failure in providing necessary content and information on time.
  • Once we start the work/service for clients then we won’t be able to refund.
  • If the client asks for a refund in the middle or after completion of work/service done.
  • If the client asks for a refund after receiving contents and reports of the services/work done.
  • If you ask for a refund due to the absence of features that are not promised on service packages on our official website.

Note: we make sure that you get all the features that are given in the service packages. For example, if you have ordered for “Seo9.in” we ensure that we keep up the order and send you a detailed report for the same.

  • Customized Services/work are non-refundable.
  • If we find a payment dispute or chargeback from a “bank” or “credit card company” your service/work will be blocked without any notice.

SEO9 also provides the following alternatives to a refund:

  1. Credit funds on clients’ respective portal.
  2. Redeliver views and plays lost when a client has proven SEO9 as the cause of damage (banned or suspended accounts).

Seo9 is not responsible for false or misguided information that may link to its website regarding the refund policy. Seo9 holds no control over independent reviews or web content outside its own website www.seo9.in. Seo9 also has no liability to banned accounts of its clients, unless proven the cause of such damage (suspension or banning).

If you purchase any services and consider it not worth the money, we would love to talk to you about that.

Please contact our 24/7 customer support at Support@seo9.in for issues prior to refund requests. We value good feedback. While it remains at Seo9’s discretion to grant a refund, we will work hard to make you happy.

Note: Instead of Requesting a chargeback or opening a PayPal dispute contact us for any billing issue at Admin@seo9.in.

  • Refund or cancellations are not applicable to those works/services that are offered with special discounts or on special occasions.
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